Sunday, January 22, 2012

How To Upload Photo/Video to Facebook

TUTORIAL MAKE A PHOTO ALBUM AND VIDEO UPLOAD TIME IN FACEBOOKfor you who have facebook but no photo albums and videos in the its cepet donk .. especially for a team that narsizzz abisâ not cool to be viewed by our comrades in facebook.buat who do not know and want to know how create a photo album and upload the video can read this article selengkapnyaâ € | okeh we begin to move her to make a photo album:

login to and click the profile and select add photos on the top of the page
then input the album name created album (album name)>> location (location photos)>> description (description)>> Privacy (select who can see this photo album)>> then click on post
when there are javascript error messages on facebook you can use the simple uploader click Try the Simple Uploader. at the bottom of the page
click browse to select the photos in your computer and check the last term of use click upload
after the upload is complete you can mark which photos to the album cover and you can also add more photos by clicking the add ... when all is finished click save changesto impunity, even video into facebook:

click add video on top of the page and select upload video
facebook will usually give the limit to upload video just for 2 minutes unless you do verify via the phone, when doing so you will be given a further restriction can upload up to 20 minutes (click verify your account enter your phone number and then facebook will send the code verify and then input the code to get more in time and space to upload your videos on facebook)
examples of images before verify

      example image after verify

upload a video
click browse to select the video from your computer and click upload to start uploading videos that have you choose
it will open a new window signs and start uploading your videos after a video upload click edit video
then after you've finished editing the video do not forget to click save

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